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The Nation Tourism Project of the Revitalization of Croatian markets - night markets around Croatia

With the PLACe market, Croatia is finally getting a worldwide popular street food night markets. Considering that the markets are known as the belly of the city, with this project, once a week in the evening, the main city farmer markets become a natural stage on which the gastronomic tradition and the offer of the cities in which they take place are presented, thus revitalizing the markets as places of gathering and socializing.


From farm to table, or in this case from field to street food, is the guiding thread of the project in which the most important national chefs are involved.


The PLACe market encompasses several segments of the tourist offer - cultural, gastronomic, eno and entertainment, and presents the entire Croatian tradition and emphasizes the connection between the market and tourism service stakeholders, as well as tourists and local guests.


PLACe market helps preserve the authenticity of each Croatian gastronomic region and branding Croatia as a gastronomic tourist destination. It belongs to the global category of "night markets" that exist all over the world, which combine local products, local producers, local food, local culture, souvenirs and local street entertainers and performers.

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